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Have you ever dreamed about a season in your future, to only reach it and be disappointed in the reality of it? We were certainly intended to dream about our future roles, but perhaps we forget in the moment what should be most important.

God told us in Genesis 1:28 what we should do with our time on earth: to rule and reign in the talents and authority He’s given us.

We were created to thrive in every season we’re planted in. Whether circumstances live up to our expectations or not, we should be finding ways to honor God through a walk of worship.

Change your perspective on purpose and see this season as an opportunity of worship—your whole life in fact, as moments of gifting your gifts back to Him.

As a business woman, make integrity a non-negotiable of your business plan and structure, setting His standards above the expectations of your industry. As a student, develop your skills and complete your assignments with a spirit of excellence, crediting His gift in you as you succeed and impress. As a mother, instill in your children the principles and strengths that will equip them to succeed, allowing Him to develop you into the mother who inspires their success.

Ephesians says we were created for these good works—emphasis on the plurality! Mothers who are businesswomen, students who are philanthropists, and every other combination of roles: God has given you this season as a gift as surely as He gave you the talents to succeed in it.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.
Eph. 2:10 KJV

In Philipians 1:6 He promised to complete the things He’s developing in you, throughout this season and the next.

Every moment of work can be worship when you determine to find purpose in daily tasks. You are the doer, the creator, the developer of the future—today!

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Covid means Chill!

A well deserved break, a vacation or one of those long weekends doing nothing (that type you can stay all day without even taking a bath) is something I should crave (Yes I said it) but will I let me? This February, I have written four different professional exams, five different essays and my boss waiting on me to finish the last chapter in his third book (I volunteered!). Big deal huh? I’m poised to plan a week youth program in my sister’s foundation then carry on with my year plan because I am still behind. Way behind! 😞

It only get cheesier, with three carryovers in my Spanish and French classes in tow, ten target books for the month (I’ve not even read nor reviewed any, Wehdone sah!)
When did I become this kind of robot? Every appearance of breaks and holidays threaten me, making “the Forbes” under 30, such enormous delight it would give me! Sometimes, I feel like I am over doing it, but greatness doesn’t come cheap. Does it? 🤷🏾

More money, more abilities, sharp skills or traveling. What drives me? I have no clue but I just keep going, I keep locomoting.

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Away from Covid-19!

Everyday our lives change by the unfolding tragedies of Covid-19. This may be for a long time but we earnestly hope it is not.

The questions thrown about this season are: What are you doing with your time?
How are you surviving this compulsory break in our lives? 

I’ve been devoting more time to my Lenten Devotional: 40 Days of Grace by Laurin J. Wening and I thought to share my reflection yesterday with you. 😊

Scripture : John 12:1-11

What a fascinating characters Lazarus is! 

He captures our imagination in literature and theology. Nowhere in the Bible was it recorded that anyone ever asked him what it was like to be dead and even more, what it felt like to be brought back to life, to be called forth from the tomb after four days of isolation and social distancing. 😁

Perhaps there is some comfort where we learn that Lazarus could also get hungry and eat at a banquet in honour of Jesus! This means life can return to normalcy after some tragic event right? 🤔

There is a reason for not knowing the answers to these death questions. If we had the answers, we would no longer need faith. Faith means to believe, to trust without knowing. It means placing ourselves at the disposal of the only one who knows and loves, God. 

In what Jesus did for Lazarus as witnesses we see two loves: the human love of a friend and the divine love of God through Jesus. At both levels, I’m sure the people present there were made to think and come to understand why “Many were going over to Jesus and believing in him on account of Lazarus“. The very same Lazarus Jesus didn’t come to in time. Even when he was on his slow walk to Bethany after the death of his dear friend Lazarus, he makes it clear that he tarried to make a point: He is the resurrection and the life! 

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January Anxieties

Prayer teaches us how to align ourselves with the Lord in attitude…and thereby get, not simply what we want but what God ultimately wants.

Derek Prince | Secrets of a Prayer Warrior

On Friday afternoon I was distraught and  utterly confused. With the anxieties of January gradually setting in and swallowing me up, my mind spiraled out of control. It was barely 17 days into the new year yet, disappointment was staring right into my face, my resolutions were fast turning into “goals”, confusion was crawling in alongside fear and negativity. Even after dedicating two weeks or more to planning the year and writing out all my goals – Academics/Career, Spiritual/Ministry, Finance, Personal development and Relationships, everything was brewing into a storm of what-ifs.

I know it is too early to arrive at a conclusion or even predict the outcome of the year but I’ll let you figure out later, how the unending list of January anxieties zap us out mentally and physically until we eventually fall apart.

This had been going on for weeks on end but the many times it did, I shrugged it off with denial and a casual faith talk or confession and it proved very potent. For a moment. I was going to fall into that pattern again to escape the thoughts but something different happened.

Last year, I began practicing how to turn to and check in with Jesus first about anything and everything, good or bad instead of running from pillar to poles in search of human support so talking to anyone at all was not the formula to this equation. To make this happen, I read the Bible, pray or listen to Christian music.  

An attempt to pray or read scriptures on Friday would be no different from making my way through the grand canyon so I chose instead to listen to music. I laid in bed, activated Airplane mode – to fly away and avoid emergency landing, apparently – plugged in my earpiece then played “Victory belongs to Jesus” by Todd Dulaney. 

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Lessons from BECOMING

Book Title: Becoming
Author: Michelle Obama
Published November 2018 |CROWN PUBLISHING

Books are windows to new worlds and this is certainly true about Michelle Obama’s memoir titled Becoming. I had never read a memoir but my curiosity to catch a glimpse of the life of a female political spouse lured me to the documented confessions of Michelle.

Becoming is a compelling book that presents a crystal clear picture about Michelle’s life, partitioned in three parts: Becoming Me, Becoming Us and Becoming More; each carrying abundant information and meaningful revelation on Michelle’s life as a young girl, a lawyer, a wife, a mother and then a First lady.

Becoming Me begins with the childhood story of young overachieving Michelle Robinson in Southside Chicago in the warm closeness of her extended musical family. As a young girl, she always wanted to prove herself so would either jump at or sort out opportunities to do so. For instance, she wanted to be a pediatrician because it was the type of ambition adults approved and would later ask her teacher for a second chance to pronounce the word WHITE in class after missing it previously. In furtherance of her lofty ambitions, Michelle attended two Ivy Leagues – Princeton first where racism was introduced to her as a societal problem in America and then Harvard Law School from where she proceeded to work as a Lawyer in a prestigious Law firm in Chicago. Few years later, Barack is assigned to her as a summer associate and their office relationship turned into quick romance.

The great details of her romance and marriage to a man of color with a strange name and even stranger ambitions is presented in Becoming Us. This part further relates facts about Barack’s life including his book, politics, character and how her classification of him adorably moves from an exotic geek to a unicorn. Her motherhood begins first with Malia and then Sasha here.

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